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The Biomolecule Naming Service (BNS) is an LDAP-based directory of gene and protein information derived from NCBI's LocusLink database.  The main purpose of BNS is to quickly and easily convert between different name and identifier schemes commonly used for specifying gene and protein sequences.

BNS was originally invented at Agilent Labs, the central research lab of Agilent Technologies.  The idea is loosely inspired by the notion of providing a DNS-like name/identifier resolver for biomolecules.  You can find out a bit more about the motivation, architecture and use of BNS by reading the handout from a recent poster presentation at ISMB '02.

Since the power of BNS will only be fully realized when it is widespread and ubiquitous like DNS servers, Agilent has decided to provide a reference implementation as open source, and allow relatively unrestricted use of the software and any derivatives.  Please see the BNS-specific open source license for details.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you are interested in joining the project and contributing code and/or ideas, please write to

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The issue with the latest versions of OpenLDAP (2.1 and greater) is now FIXED!  Also, support has been added for Apple OSX platforms.  BNS has been successfully built and run on Win32, Linux and OSX platforms. After downloading the release (2.2) be sure to read the "ReadMeFirst.htm" file for details about configuring your installation for the proper version of OpenLDAP.

Please revisit this site occasionally for updates.  If you would like to be notified of significant changes to the site (including new releases) please subscribe to the openbns-announce mailing list which can be found at:

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